SMOOCH – Global Forgiveness Initiative

This is just the beginning for SMOOCH! We have already lined up stories in South Sudan, Israel/Palestine, and other international locations. What is needed now is the funding to get us there! To learn more, submit your story for consideration, and stay in the loop .A mother kisses her child’s killer. A victim of a … [Read more…]


This film was shot in the remote ice desert region of the Himalayas. The entire cast and production team were from a small village called Kaaza in Spiti Valley, India.

Within Reach

Ryan and Mandy are a young couple with a passion for sustainable community and personal growth. In order to fully realize this passion, we decided to bicycle 6500 miles around the USA and visit 100 sustainable communities, to film people choosing to go as deeply as possible into this new way of life. After meeting … [Read more…]


Filmmaker registration is now closed Thanks for your interest in registering as a filmmaker to The Possible Futures Film Contest. Unfortunately, you can no longer register as a filmmaker to the contest because the film submission

It Is All One Water – A poetic tribute to our world’s oceans

Painterly and metaphorical in its approach, ‘It Is All One Water’ addresses the wonder, power & fragility of our world’s oceans in a novel and thought-provoking way. Directed, produced and narrated by New Zealand-based artist/writer Claire Beynon, this short film incorporates contributions from a global network of writers, artists, scientists a…’It Is All One Water’ … [Read more…]

One Word

One word has the ability to uplift us and inspire us and it’s simply wonderful to say. When we are being – like the way this word makes us feel, we are kind, we are playful and we are inspired examples of humanKIND. Imagine what the world would be like if we were all being … [Read more…]

Guyana Days

I produced this short video on the Guyana rainforest and the indigenous Amerindian people living there. It is important to educate the world about the beauty of people and place in the Amazon regions of South America. These ecosystems are threatened with destruction due to mining and deforestation.This is based on my visit to South … [Read more…]

Choice Point

Today we’re faced with one of the biggest choice points humankind has ever faced. As climate and economic upheavals create a rough road ahead, both us as individuals and as part of the planet will need to make the most extraordinary choices. We’re facing a choice of staying in our old ways of thinking, of … [Read more…]

Earth Keepers

Business and Nature must work together. It is not only an ethical and sustainability issue, it is the only option we have. Therefore, businesses must change their tactics and ways of practice in order to preserve Earth and humanity’s welfare. “Earth Keepers” shows ways businesses can go green and how monetary institutions can assist them … [Read more…]