First-time filmmakers to professionals – everyone is invited Never made a film before? Consider yourself an amateur filmmaker? Studying film in school? Getting paid to make films? Your skill level doesn’t matter to us, we just want to see your vision of a possible positive future for humanity. Films are judged carefully on content and … [Read more…]


The top 20 films will be screened by our diverse team of judges Our team of world-class judges are artists, activists and spiritual beings. Applying their critical eye, they will select the two top films based on our judging criteria. We thank them for their dedication to this incredible new film contest.Chris EyreChris Eyre is … [Read more…]

Holy Crap!

Could human waste be a key ingredient in the quest to resolving multiple issues of impoverishment and sustainability throughout the world? SOIL’s work in Haiti has proven that it is. Their dry, composting toilets truly create a complete cycle of life, as the wastes are collected, treated, and transformed into fertile gardens, thus reducing the … [Read more…]

Good Planets Are Hard To Find

South Africa’s First Lady of Space and environmentalist Elizabeth Klarer’s testimony of extraterrestrial contactee events remains the most trusted version of its sort to date. The prophetic message that she brought back from the planet Meton, via her supposed lover Akon and his people seem more valid now than it could ever be then. Never … [Read more…]

Hands of Action Uganda

Hands of Action Uganda is a grassroots not-for-profit Community Based Organization. It aims empower rural communities in their battle against poverty and HIV/AIDS through sustainable agricultural programs and education.Since it was impossible to raise the funds to visit Uganda and film the activities of Hands of Action first hand, we decided to attempt a “remote” … [Read more…]


Remember Nitin Das and Dawn Mikkelson? They are the two filmmakers selected for the Grand Prizes in the 2011 Possible Futures Film Contest. In addition to a cash award, both Nitin and Dawn received a trip for two to Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest with The Pachamama Alliance, our parent organization. In August, Nitin and Dawn traveled … [Read more…]


Over $30,000 in awards to the top seven filmmakers The filmmakers of seven films will receive awards valued at over $30,000. The Possible Futures Award and The Pachamama Award are chosen by our team of world class judges according to our judging criteria. Five additional People’s Choice Awards are determined by the films that receive … [Read more…]


How To Vote In The Possible Futures Film Contest Fill out the form below. Click the activation link in the email that is sent to you. Sign in to vote. Browse films in Watch and Vote. Click the “Vote For This Film” button next to the films that inspire you most. You can vote once … [Read more…]


Your votes will help determine the most inspiring visions of a possible futures the winners of the five People’s Choice AwardsYou can vote for as many films as you like. You can vote only once for each film. Once you vote for a film, you cannot undo your vote. Filmmakers are allowed to vote. Voting … [Read more…]