A global film festival about humanity’s capacity to create a positive future

The Possible Future Film Festival was created in 2011 to inspire positive visions from citizen filmmakers around the world.

We put out a call for visions of the future that is possible – the positive future that hundreds of millions of people are already living into and creating right now. The future we want to live in is one in which all of us can thrive: it is environmentally sustainable, socially just, peaceful, and spiritually fulfilling.

2011 Success Worldwide
In 2011, over 400 filmmakers from 44 countries submitted films of their vision for a new positive
future for humanity.

At the close of submissions, viewers and participating filmmakers screened and voted for films online while a panel of distinguished film industry judges selected the top two winners, awarding over $30,000 in cash prizes and trips to the Amazon Rainforest with The Pachamama Alliance, the founding sponsor.

Winning films have been promoted widely in broadcast online media, regional film festival programs, and in The Pachamama Alliance initiatives.


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