It Is All One Water – A poetic tribute to our world’s oceans

Painterly and metaphorical in its approach, ‘It Is All One Water’ addresses the wonder, power & fragility of our world’s oceans in a novel and thought-provoking way. Directed, produced and narrated by New Zealand-based artist/writer Claire Beynon, this short film incorporates contributions from a global network of writers, artists, scientists a…’It Is All One Water’ was filmed beneath the ice of Explorers Cove, Antarctica and produced in Dunedin, New Zealand. During these times of global disruption, social change and environmental vulnerability, the the arts are being recognized as having a key role to play as agents for peace, advocacy and transformation. The ocean is a mighty equalizer – it wraps us around, drawing our continents together. To borrow words from my friend Penelope Todd, ‘We have a choice to pick our way around the fringes where wonders can be found, sure enough,