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Ryan and Mandy are a young couple with a passion for sustainable community and personal growth. In order to fully realize this passion, we decided to bicycle 6500 miles around the USA and visit 100 sustainable communities, to film people choosing to go as deeply as possible into this new way of life. After meeting over 20,000 people and interviewing over 600 of them, we were greatly inspired about a positive future happening now in the USA, and we want to share what we learned with the world. 

Getting Car Insurance

Also known as auto insurance, car insurance or motor insurance; vehicle insurance is the provision of financial protection of motor cycles, cars, trucks as well as other vehicles in case of mainly physical damages due to accidents. In Barrie, it is an offense to drive a vehicle without insurance. According to the; Road Traffic Act 1988; the act requires motorists to be insured against any liabilities that may result from an accident.

Vehicle insurance in Barrie is highly significant especially with the high numbers of tourist visiting the place. The two main economic strongholds in the area are agriculture and tourism. These two require a stable transport sector for them to thrive. Car insurance is one of the many ways of ensuring smooth transport activity in the region.

Any vehicle without an insurance cover operating on public roads is likely to be seized by the police and the driver charged for the same. A valid insurance policy must indicate the car’s registration number and the validity period along with all other relevant terms and conditions. With the aid of advanced technology the police can now get all the insurance details of a car once they obtain a car’s registration number.

Barrie area is prone to floods and as a results there are many car related insurance claims. In a report, the claims are attributed to the areas topography and the high cases of street parking. However, many people are focused on making their cars more resilient to floods by methods such as improving their electrical systems.

Due to the existence of many different insurance policies most of which are priced differently, most drivers/vehicle owners in Barrie have sought to reduce their insurance payments and still qualify to reap benefits in case of liabilities. Below are some ways to cut costs on your insurance:

Shop around – do no stay loyal to an insurer who does not give you the best deal. Keep looking for better deals and do not think twice when you get one. Sticking around for too long without comparing prices may cause you great losses.

Reduce mileage – if your insurance payments are affected by the number of miles you cover in a certain period, work towards reducing the number of miles covered. Avoid unnecessary trips and maximize on the unavoidable trips.

Parking – safe parking of your car especially during the night will reduce chances of loss or wreckage to your car

You can cut on your premiums by increasing the excesses you pay.

Add an elder driver – this can help you to reduce the amount of premiums required to be paid. Avoid fronting.

There are many types and deals in the car industry. Make sure you are insured. Stay safe.